The Heritage of Modern Tiling Materials

Everything You Need to Know about the Origin of Tiles Before Booking Ceramic Tiles Installation

Today J & L Flooring, of Rapid City, SD will tell you a bit more about the origin of tiles and how they evolved into the materials we are now using to cover the walls and floors of some rooms in our home and office.

Here are the 5 basic types of “tile ancestors”:
TilesTerracotta (10,000 BC) – It was invented in Ancient Egypt and was used for pots and vases, ancient waterways, as well as home decor.
Travertine (3,200 BC) – It was also invented in Ancient Egypt and was used for aqueducts, walls, and monuments. Travertine was found within the walls of the Colosseum in Italy.
Glass (2,500 BC) – It was invented in Mesopotamia and was used for wall decor, beautiful mosaics, windows, stained glass windows, and flooring.
Ceramic (2,000 BC) – It was invented in the Far East, where it was used for mosaics, floor tiling, wall decor, and ceiling cover.
Porcelain – (200 AD) – It was invented in China and used for crockery, wall tiling, floor tiling, and decorative items.

Modern tiling materials, of course have evolved. Some of them are much more durable, while others are not of such good quality as they used to be. This is why we have a wide variety of choices when it comes to choosing tiles for our kitchen or bathroom areas. One of the most popular choices nowadays are ceramic tiles. This is due to the fact that they come in a wide variety of designs and colors and are not as expensive as other similar materials. Ceramic tiles installation is also very easy and can be done for a short period of time, if the area which needs to be tiled is not too big, of course.

If you are looking for affordable quality ceramic tiles installation in the local area, turn to our teams by calling (605) 484-4978 and booking an appointment! We will be expecting you!