What Type Of Carpet Will Suit Your Home or Office Most?

Choose the Best Type of Carpet Before Booking Carpet Installations!

The aim of our blog post today, is to guide you towards making the right decision when you have to choose the right type of carpet for your home or office. As a company dealing with carpet installations around Rapid City, SD, we know well which options do the local contractors offer, depending on the location and type of property you have. Read on, as we will help you make a smart choice!

Carpeting is a great low-cost solution for the floors of both your home and office. It provides some thermal insulation, and minor sound reduction. There are many different types of carpets, which can provide a different practical and fashion solution for you and your home. Here is some detailed information on the different varieties of carpet, you can choose between:

  1. Carpet installationPlush/Velvet – Now this is a carpet that feels soft to the touch, because of its unique structures, all carpet fibers are “bell-shaped” and loose, providing an extremely smooth sensation when touched. This particular carpet, is usually laid in front of bathrooms and water closets – areas prone to a medium level of walking traffic.
  2. Saxony – The pile yarns on this particular carpet are top trimmed, and have a twist profile on each fiber. It creates a less formal look, and minimizes footprints. A carpet of this type is soft to the touch, and it’s an ideal solution for your main hall or dining room.
  3. Loop – The looped fibers on a carpet are tightly locked to the base, each producing a “o” shaped strand. There are may variations of the looped profile: level looped, where fibers come in different sizes; looped and trimmed, where some of the loops are trimmed; and others. Looped carpets are known to withstand heavy traffic, and are very durable.

There are many other types of carpet, which companies who provide carpet installations can offer you. If you wish to find out more, J & L Flooring can provide you with all the information you need. Call us at (605) 484-4978, and associates will be more than happy to assist you!